Six reasons you should donate to The Extraordinary Contraptions kickstarter!

06 Dec

On Friday, I briefly mentioned that my employers The Extraordinary Contraptions have started a Kickstarter campaign. They’ve currently raised 34% of their goal in three days, but I’m here to convince you as to why you should donate and help them get closer to their goal!

1.) This album is their best yet! – Even though I’m an employee, I’m also a fan. While the album is not 100% done yet, what has been done so far is fantastic! The Contraptions are not lying when they say that it is their most ambitious work yet. I’m excited to start selling this album to people, and I can do that sooner if they reach their goal!

2.) The Submarine song is on this album! – ‘Prelude for the Nocturnis’, the underwater submarine shanty waltz written by Professor Dimitri von Stadberg, has been a fan favorite at shows for the past couple of years. Sadly though, it has been mostly unavailable to fans (besides one video on YouTube). Well, no longer! When this album comes out, ‘Prelude’ will be available to one and all! Now you can aggressively waltz in the comfort of your own home.

3.) As Michael Trent would say… It’s all or nothing! – If you’re unfamiliar with the Kickstarter model, the person raising the money has to raise their goal in the designated time. Meaning that if we fall a dollar short of our goal, The Contraptions don’t get anything and the album is delayed. Don’t let that happen!

4.) Tis the season! – We have all of December and New Years Day to raise $2,500! If you want to give a gift to me or the band, please consider donating what you can to the Kickstarter to get the album closer to being done! No donation is too small!

5.) Have you SEEN the incentives?! – The awesome thing about Kickstarter is that we get to give back to the people who gave to us! Not only is the album available for those who donate $10 or more, but there will also be exclusive live tracks, tickets to shows, a chance to have your name in the liner notes, tickets to shows, items handmade by the band, kazoos, and more! Plus, if you donate enough, we’ll come and play at your house! How awesome is that?!

6.) I’m on the album! – The band did some group vocal recordings before Thanksgiving last month with a bunch of their friends. I was in the group that will be in ‘Prelude for the Nocturnis’, ‘Paste’, and ‘Hinderscipe Lament’. Also, my adopted baby Francois the Bohemian Bat (created by Samantha of Frenchy and the Punk) provided bells on ‘Paste’! Just something to listen out for when you get the album for donating!

I could think of a million more reasons for you to donate, but they all boil down to the same reason. Either way, I hope that you will think about donating to the campaign, getting us closer to the goal, and getting some awesome stuff in the process! Because as they say in Avenue Q, when you help others… you can’t help helping yourself!


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2 responses to “Six reasons you should donate to The Extraordinary Contraptions kickstarter!

  1. David Tyberg

    December 6, 2011 at 6:04 am

    And don’t forget, if you can’t pledge to the kickstarter, give the gift of awareness! Help us spread the word about our campaign. Even if you can’t pledge, maybe you’ll help us reach two people who can!


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