Hunger Games Month: Effie Trinket is my Style Icon

12 Mar

When I read the first book about a year ago, I never expected to like Effie Trinket as much as I do now. I saw her exactly the way Katniss sees her within those first few chapters. Obnoxious, oblivious, and overly polite. I also saw her as Kristin Chenoweth, but less Olive Snook and more Galinda Upland.

As I read the series further though, I felt an odd liking to the District 12 escort. Yes, she could be oblivious and very particular about how she wants things, but she was kind and she does legitimately care about her District 12 charges. She’s fond of them and she wants them to succeed/live. It actually made me a bit sad that we only briefly saw her in Mockingjay, but it was a comfort to know that she made it. Now she was that magic mix between Olive Snook and Glinda the Good Witch.

Now, a year on, it’s hard for me to see Chenoweth as Effie. Elizabeth Banks, who is one of my very favorite comedic actresses, seems just as natural for the role.

That wasn’t the only thing that came with the movie proliferation though. As the images from the film have increased as we get closer to the release date, the more I have realized that Effie Trinket is my new style icon.

As I said in a post a long time ago, so much of Capitol fashion takes from Victoriana fashion. The dapper, clean suits for men and ruffles, bustles, fascinators and hats for women. It made me feel quite justified in all my guesses that elements of Steampunk and Victoriana were taking over.

It’s not just that though… It’s the color.

In this dimension, I’ve become quite fond of jeans and t-shirts and outside of it, I’m often more about long skirts, button down shirts, and vests for easy wear and travel. However, I love color. I love fluffy skirts and fabulous heels that would break my neck. I love wigs, appropriate hair accessories and hats. And Effie Trinket rocks them all!

Early this year, I made a resolution to be a more colorful Steampunk. While I do like my dark colors, I am absolutely tired of this belief that Steampunks can only wear brown. Brown can be nice, but Victorians did enjoy a splash of color. I especially enjoy purple and blue myself. So with inspiration from Effie Trinket (and a little from Nicki Minaj), I set out to make a splash at AnachroCon with a very colorful outfit that Effie would approve of, even without the Capitol budget.

I sadly don’t have a picture of the full outfit, but here was the result:

The wig once belonged to a friend of my mother’s, the striped tie-on bustle is Leg Avenue purchased from Sock Dreams (as well as the unseen bright pink and black stockings). Everything else had been obtained at conventions or thrift stores over the past year. Overall, it was my take on the crossroad between Capitol Couture and Steampunk, and it’s something I plan to continue doing this year and beyond.

So thank you, Effie Trinket (and Hunger Games costume designer Judianna Makovsky) for proving that being fabulous doesn’t always have to be brown.

Wednesday, I plan to continue this thought by talking about why my fellow Retrofuturists need to pay attention to The Hunger Games.


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3 responses to “Hunger Games Month: Effie Trinket is my Style Icon

  1. cauliflowerfluffy

    April 18, 2012 at 2:28 am

    I adore Effie’s style! Great post, I got inspiration from her as well, in fact I’ve just done a post with an outfit I styled- I’d love to see what you think of it. Also, the blue hair was brilliant!

    • Liesel Hindmann

      April 18, 2012 at 4:24 am

      Thank you! And yeah, I’ll check it out!

      • cauliflowerfluffy

        April 18, 2012 at 4:28 am

        Thanks so much! I loved your post and I’m just looking through your blog now- l love your posts on the Hunger Games, I loved it too and am completely obsessed. Literally, the day after I saw the movie I got a massive poster for my wall. It’s a little unnerving to have Katniss pointing an arrow at me, but whatever!


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