Reverse Engineering the Alien Franchise

18 Jun

I’m a failure of a blogger. I said i was going to post 30 times this month, and I’m not even close. Still, I’ll find a way to catch up a little bit. I hope. Maybe.

Anyway, I said I was going to review Prometheus, but I’m not exactly sure where to start with it. The whole idea of Prometheus is that it’s a precursor to the Alien franchise. The problem was that before Prometheus, I had never seen any of the Alien movies. I was always too scared.

Now, I enjoyed Prometheus. It was a creepy and emotional sci-fi movie with a great cast and a lot of great action and effects. I enjoyed it enough that despite the fact I was scared, I went home and watched Alien for the first time with the lights off. However, watching Alien made me realize that there seemed to be a lot about Prometheus that I was missing because I wasn’t educated on the Alien franchise. That there were a lot of jokes and knowledge I didn’t know because I didn’t read the book before class.

Still, between Prometheus and Alien alone, there were a lot of parallels that filled in a few of the gaps. Shaw and Ripley are dedicated women who are the last ones standing up to the horrors from those ships. About what started Weyland-Yutani’s obsession with the xenomorphs.

The director’s cut of Aliens is next on my list when I find a way to watch it, but I’m hoping that going through these films will give me a better appreciation of Prometheus. 

Or maybe that will be the the second Prometheus film if it ever happens. Who knows?

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