Photo by Kylei WeisseOut in the Aether, Liesel Hindmann is a traveller of time and observer of dimensions. A former resident of the shipping city Port Victoire, Liesel quite literally crashed into the home of The Extraordinary Contraptions after running for her life and making a multi-dimensional leap of faith. When not wrangling Aelus Kristoff von Stadberg with her trusted League of S.T.E.A.M. Punchy Fist, trying to keep up with Professor Dimitri von Stadberg, or traveling the verses on her own, Liesel serves as the Assistant Operator of Internal Machinations for the band, making sure that the proverbial (and occasionally literal) ship runs smoothly. She once served as the Media Editor for Steampunk Chronicle, which included running the entire department, finding and keeping up with writers, and sometimes finding the time to write articles on crowdfunding and music. Sometimes, she’s occasionally (and willingly) kidnapped by Frenchy and the Punk if they’re in the same timeline.

When she’s in our world though, it’s a different story.

Ashley Leckwold is a resident of Atlanta and a “media enthusiast” (or “fangirl”, if you Photo by Kylei Weisseprefer). She is a graduate of Georgia State University with bachelor of arts in journalism with specializations in public relations and music management. When not looking for a more permanent job or working freelance, Ashley enjoys going to live music shows, attending conventions, hanging out with her dirty hippie friends, honing her sewing skills, catching up on her favorite TV shows, learning flow arts and tarot, reading a good book, killing time on the internet, and writing about her world and the worlds in her head. She currently writes for Nerdophiles, where she recaps a lot of TV and gets really feeling about other things.

The steampunk girl who looks like her, though? Totally real.

Besides this blog, you can follow Ashley on TwitterTumblr, and Instagram.

Liesel can be reached via email at or


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